About Us

Optimal Freight is first and foremost a service organization, committed to our clients, not our growth rate.  We train our staff to properly manage transportation, service people, and solve problems. A small firm of experienced professionals, dedicated to serving selective shippers and carriers, we are powered with exceptional software and supported by impeccable credibility. 


Freight is moved by people. At Optimal Freight, getting to know drivers, traffic managers, warehouse staff and dispatchers is a critical part of our job. Using data and technology, we manage the requirements, capabilities and traffic patterns of shippers and carriers, and successfully match them together.

We deliver on time by placing the right driver and equipment on each shipment, and then tracking it every step of the way. Through relationships and commitment, we effectively respond to changing conditions. We optimally route shipments to position drivers and trucks where they need to be. This minimizes cost while maximizing service, providing sustainable savings.

We pledge to provide timely, complete, reliable information, and to treat everyone with integrity, respect and professionalism.