About Us

Optimal Freight is first and foremost a service organization, committed to our clients, not our growth rate.  We train our staff to properly manage transportation, service people, and solve problems. A small firm of experienced professionals, dedicated to serving selective shippers and carriers, we are powered with exceptional software and supported by impeccable credibility. 


MercuryGate web-based software provides Optimal Freight, our customers and carriers with rich functionality, and full visibility from pickup through delivery and invoicing. It is easy to integrate with other software our customers, and partners are using. We communicate effectively by web portal, EDI, XML, SAP BAPI and IDoc, as well as phone, email, text and fax. Through Freight Friend, the social networking transportation site developed by Optimal Freight's founder, we track the available equipment of our carriers in real-time, enabling identification of the perfect truck for each and every shipment.